Petition: Stand with faith leaders to protect migrants in custody

Hundreds of Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centres across the USA, yet the administration has released only 700 immigrants - leaving more than 31,000 in danger. Crowded conditions make it impossible to practice social distancing.

At one ICE facility in Louisiana, according to USA TODAY, guards aren't wearing masks or gloves and there are only five bars of soap to be shared between 70 detainees.

"We are terrified of dying. If people who have the ability to go to the doctor are dying, what's going to happen to us in here?" asked detainee Gretchen Romero.

A diverse coalition of Christians, including many Catholic leaders, the National Association of Evangelicals and the ELCA Lutheran denomination, is calling for the release of detained immigrants.

The Faithful America team write: "As Christians taught to care for the imprisoned as well as welcome the stranger, we call on you to release all detained children and families (given the previous deaths of minors with influenza in US custody), and to heed the advice of medical professionals across the globe by releasing detained immigrant adults to stay with their families in the US and avoid contracting Covid-19."


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