Letter: Time to abandon £205 billion Trident project

Bruce Kent/image ICN

Bruce Kent/image ICN

Bruce Kent, vice president of CND, writes:

Our Chancellor says that this is the time to be bold. Hence billions of pounds of extra extra spending to get us through the current crisis.

Some of his boldness makes good sense. Those unemployed as a result of this crisis will get some protection.

One more obvious piece of boldness would be to cancel the Trident submarine nuclear replacement project, now costed at £205 billion.

A clear national vanity project because we have to borrow the missiles from the United States on which to put the warheads.
Hardly an independent nuclear deterrent. Worse it is one that requires our sailors to be willing to commit mass murder if ordered to do so.

This vast sum would be more intelligently spent on NHS intensive care beds, ventilators, and other needs arising from this current invisible threat to us all.

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