St Valentine's Day - Websites for single Catholics

Today is the feast of St Valentine, patron saint of courtship, engaged couples and happy marriages. If you are a single Catholic - or know someone else who is - here is an up-to date list of websites and organisations where you might find new friends or meet someone special. - The site is international, but has many members based in the UK. See:

Catholic Mates - a free, completely on-line, Catholic dating website.

Catholic Singles - a voluntary organisation which helps single Catholics of all ages, over 18, in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, to meet other single Catholics, either one to one or through social events. This friendly site has a welcome in several languages. Catholic Singles are part of a national network of groups for unattached Catholics in cities and towns around the UK. See:

The Catholic Unattached Directory - A website for single Catholics which includes internet members and postal members. See:

Christian Connections - An introduction service for Christians of all denominations. They are celebrating their tenth birthday last year and have introduced many happy couples. See:

Friends First - A Christian introduction agency based in the Midlands which takes great care with clients of all denominations and has an excellent track record. See:

if you have forgotten to post a card - there's still time to send someone a Catholic e-Valentine - through:

And if you happen to be in Dublin, you could say a prayer at the Shrine of St Valentine in Whitefriar Street Church. See:

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