Sycamore Lent Course - Available Now

If you are looking for resources to use in your parish or chaplaincy this Lent, check out the Sycamore Lent Course. It takes you through some of the great themes of Christian faith, and gives you a simple way of doing some faith-formation for your community. It can also be used as a tool for outreach and evangelisation, giving a gentle introduction to Christianity for those who are curious.

Don't be daunted - you can run the course very easily! Just choose your venue and starting date (e.g. sometime in the week of 24th Feb, so you finish before Palm Sunday); advertise to the parish or chaplaincy; ask people to come for themselves and also to bring friends; buy some nice cakes and some good coffee; show the films; have some great discussion.

For more information about Sycamore please visit the website.

The six-session Lent "pathway" is explained here.

All of planning and training information is in the Leaders' section here.

This can be a great form of parish renewal, and it can also serve as a taster-course for the parish, to learn about Sycamore and think about how you could use it in your autumn courses.

When you take out a subscription on behalf of your parish or community this will give you access not just to the 6 week Lent course but to all the Sycamore materials for the next 12 months. It will therefore allow you to run whatever courses you wish within your community over the coming year. Click here to

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