Southend: KSC support foodbank, winter night shelter

  • Damian Dillon

Southend KSC with Fr Jeff & foodbank collection

Southend KSC with Fr Jeff & foodbank collection

Damian Dillon writes: The Southend-based Knights of Saint Columba recently looked at a way to boost their help for the Southend foodbank above and beyond the volunteering and donations that currently takes place amongst our team.

Before Christmas, a special Advent calendar was adopted, and each day between the 1st and the 17th every member collected an item of food. Everything was gathered at our monthly meeting and we took all the items we had collected to the foodbank on the days they are open for drop offs before Christmas week.

Throughout the winter months the Southend Knights also run a homeless night shelter in the hall at Sacred Heart, Southchurch.

It was important for us to remember those who needed this help, so prayer for the recipients of the food as each item was bought was privately said in an effort to provide spiritual and material support on two fronts. We made a particular point of not providing baked beans or pasta and we looked to buy items of quality as if we were buying for people coming to visit.

Our very own Chaplain, Father Jeff, did the most wonderful thing by promoting the whole idea to his parishioners at the parish of St Peter in Eastwood and the parish was so inundated with support that the total effort culminated in over 40 full bags and boxes dropped off in three loaded cars. In total, 178.322kg of food items; enough to feed 17 families.

Damian Dillon

Knights of Saint Columba - Southend-on-Sea 192

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