The Pope Video - February 2020 - Hear the cries of migrants

In his prayer intentions this month Pope Francis focusses on the issue of human trafficking. In his video he says:

"We cannot be silent accomplices of the organized criminal phenomenon of human trafficking. Much less can we be protagonists of it, even indirectly.

"Faced with those who live off the misfortune of others and who take advantage of their desperation, let us work to overcome the inequalities that make it possible for one person to enslave another.

"Migrants are often victims of criminal human smuggling and human trafficking.

"Among other causes, this happens because of corruption on the part of people willing to do anything for financial gain.

"The money from their dirty, underhanded business is blood money. I'm not exaggerating: it's blood money.

"We pray that the cries of our migrant brothers and sisters, victims of criminal human smuggling and human trafficking, may be heard and considered."


Each month, The Pope Video disseminates the Holy Father's prayer intentions regarding the challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church. Through the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer)

If you want to see more videos about the Pope's intentions, you can find them at:

With the collaboration of Vatican Media:

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