Money Makes Change: Connecting Faith and Finance

Source: ECCR

Money Makes Change is new programme launched by the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR), in liaison with Quaker Peace and Social Witness. ECCR's vision is to see money used in a way that creates a fairer and more sustainable world.

We help faith communities and people to make financial choices which reflect these values and passions. The way we spend, save and invest money has a huge impact on the world around us. Our financial decisions affect the neighbours (locally and globally) we are called to love, and the whole of creation, which we are called to protect. As a community, Christians in the UK have stewardship over billions of pounds. Our decisions around money can make change happen, for the good of all.

We work to encourage joined-up financial choices and campaigning actions. We want to see more and more people using their voices, and the finances over which they have stewardship, to hold the corporate world accountable, to choose more ethical products and to promote economic justice and environmental sustainability.

Resources are available for church groups. Find out how you can make a difference.

Resources available to download free of charge:

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