Philippines: Buying Preda dried mangos saves and heals abused children

Shay Cullen with Fair Trade produce

Shay Cullen with Fair Trade produce

Source: Fr Shay Cullen

The great success of the Preda child rescue and healing program is that so many girls aged from 5 to 17 overcome with courage the trauma of abuse and exploitation and go on afterwards to have successful happy lives. When you buy Preda mangos you help them.

Each one is a success story. A hundred children every year have been saved and healed since 1996. The abuse they suffered is a shocking tragedy and crime but they recover thanks to the intensive but effective healing they receive in the affirming and encouraging family environment at the Preda Home for Girls in Olongapo.

There are as many as 45 girls at any given time in the home and 107 over twelve months. They are reintegrated after about a year to a safe family or relatives and Preda then provides aftercare services and they continue to fight their court case against their trafficker or abuser. Many succeed. In 2019, with the support of the Preda legal office, there were 20 convictions. Most abusers and traffickers were given life in prison where they will abuse no more children.

Everyone knows it is a challenge to bring up a family - even of a few children - nowadays. At Preda, we care for 45 girls at any given time and an additional 40 boys 10 to 15 years of age rescued from inhuman and cruel detention centres. Preda spends at least €230 or £195 a month per child. We are always striving to see they continue to get the best unique care and service from the 56 professional Preda staff.

A great way to give continuous support to the Preda children is by buying and promoting the sale of the Preda dried mangos. They are available in Dunnes Stores, Tescos, Waitrose and other supermarkets in the UK and online at, our true friend and supporter

All proceeds of Preda sales go to support the homes for children. Give gifts of Preda dried mango to yourself and to your children, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends. It is the healthy delicious snack, naturally sweet and without preservative, chemicals or artificial colouring. You are helping everybody when you do. You help the farmers prosper and they can send their children to school because of Preda Fair trade. Email me at [email protected] and tell me where you found the Preda dried mangos and how you liked them so that I can share the news on There is more about Preda fair trade dried mangos at

Shay Cullen has been a Columban missionary in the Philippines since 1969.

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