Pope Francis: God will judge us just how we judge others

Image: Vatican Media

Image: Vatican Media

Source: Vatican News

God will judge us with the measure we use to judge others, the Pope said at Mass on Thursday morning.

Reflecting on today's Gospel, Mark 4: 21-24, he noted that each of us has "a way of measuring ourselves, things and others" and this very measure will be the one the Lord will use to measure us.

Thus, those who judge selfishly may expect to be judged the same way: those who are merciless may expect judgement without mercy.

After we die, we will be called to account for how we have lived said the Pope. Referring to the verse in today's Gospel saying, "The amount you measure out is the amount you will be given," he said the words "tell us exactly" what the final judgement will be like.

"By what measure do I measure others? By what measure do I measure myself? Is it a generous measure, full of God's love? Or is it a small measure?" he said, underscoring the need to take stock of our daily lifestyle, as well as our bad or virtuous deeds.

Christians must model ourselves on Christ, the Pope insisted. Thus a Christian who is unable to be humble is not a real Christian, given that "Jesus humbled himself unto death - even the death of the cross."

"He was God, but he didn't cling to that: he humbled Himself. This is the model," he said.

In conclusion the Pope ended his homily at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta urging Catholics to live with compassion and mercy, to ask the Lord for the grace to live as Christians and to never free the cross of humility, "because this is the path that He has chosen to save us."

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