Washington DC: Women's Rights Without Frontiers in March for Life

Reggie Littlejohn with Anni Zhang and her father Lin Zhang at 2019 March for Life

Reggie Littlejohn with Anni Zhang and her father Lin Zhang at 2019 March for Life

Women's Rights Without Frontiers marched to "End Gendercide" - the sex-selective abortion of baby girls - in China, at the March for Life in Washington, DC on January 24. In addition, WRWF marched on behalf of abandoned widows.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of WRWF, said: "We believe that women have the right to give birth to their daughters without being pressured to selectively abort them. And we also believe that elderly women have the right to live out their days with dignity, with food on the table every day, knowing that someone cares about them in their old age - even if that person lives on the other side of the earth."

The sex-selective abortion or abandonment of baby girls has continued under the Two Child Policy. For example, a newborn baby girl was found abandoned at the bottom of a six-foot wall in a trash-filled courtyard in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province on Friday, June 1, 2018, International Children's Day. She was lying next to her placenta with her umbilical cord still attached. Although no one witnessed how the newborn got into the courtyard, it is believed she was thrown over the wall, as she was suffering from major injuries consistent with such trauma: a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain, and injuries to her heart and lungs. The neighbours who found her called the police, who took the infant to the hospital. Read the original report and watch a video HERE

According to the new Congressional-Executive Commission in China Report, released on January 8, 2020: "Local-level officials reportedly continue to enforce compliance with family planning policies using methods including heavy fines, job termination, and coerced abortion."



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