London: Argentine Tango in Farm Street

Tango Shelter evening

Tango Shelter evening

A wonderful evening of Argentine Tango social dancing, Tango Shelter 2019, was held at the Mount Street Jesuit Centre last month to honour Argentine Pope Francis's birthday as well as to raise funds for the work Farm Street carries out for the homeless. The event also included ballet performances by The English National Ballet to traditional Argentine Tango music and a live singer singing two sets.

See videos of the night here:

Social Argentine Tango continues monthly at Centre on Saturday 25 January 2020, Mondays 17 February, 23 March and 20 April.

Dancing is not possible at the event without prior training. It takes time. But the curious might want to attend as spectators for £5 including sparkling wine, tea, biscuits etc.

Book in advance here:

After that you may wish to sign up for the Intensive Tango Beginners' Course

Following the success of 'Tango Shelter' Warren Edwardes will be offering beginners' classes in Argentine Tango at the Mount Street Jesuit Centre (114 Mount Street, Mayfair). There will be a package of three 3-hour sessions on Saturday 1, 8, 15 February 2020 / 17.30 - 20.30 costing £75.

Sign up for the intensive Embracing Argentine Tango course here [no drop in] -

Numbers: No partner required and we will match men and women numbers.

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