Bishop John Sherrington reviews 'A Hidden Life'

Source: Diocese of Westminster

Westminster Auxillary Bishop John Sherrington, reviews 'A Hidden Life', the story of Franz Jägerstätter.

Last week I was invited to a private viewing of A Hidden Life. This deeply moving film, directed by Terence Malick, presents the struggle of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter to live his decision in conscience and refuse to take the military oath to Hitler. Franz Jägerstätter was born on 20th May 1907 in St Radegund, Upper Austria in the Diocese of Linz.

This is a graphically powerful film which focuses on the intensity of the love between Franz and his wife Franziska, the hard work and beauty of the village life, and the brutality and oppression of the Nazi regime in Austria. In the midst of this we see the struggle of Blessed Franz to be true to his religious views and his view that it is incompatible to give allegiance to God and Hitler.

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