Luton primary school pupils pledge to become Zero Heroes

  • Elouise Hobbs

Three fledgling Zero Heroes at  St Martin de Porres Harvest Workshop

Three fledgling Zero Heroes at St Martin de Porres Harvest Workshop

Pupils at St Martin de Porres Primary School in Luton have been inspired by CAFOD's Harvest story, and have now pledged to become 'Zero Heroes'.

A few weeks ago, Peter Haddon, an Education Volunteer at CAFOD, visited all of the Key Stage 2 pupils at St Martin de Porres Primary.

Peter organised Harvest workshops for both Year 4 classes which focused on telling the story of Fabiano, a 14-year-old boy, and his life in Uganda.

He explained how many Uganda communities have been devastated by drought, leaving children like Fabiano the job of trekking miles for water, risking their safety and hampering their chance to get an education.

Thanks to donations from parishioners across England and Wales, CAFOD has been able to help install solar-powered water pumps in rural villages, including Fabiano's. This means that everyone can collect water quickly and safely and Fabiano and his friends can now focus on getting an education.

The Year 4s were so inspired by Peter's workshops, that they helped to write an Assembly telling Fabiano's story, and presented this beautifully to their parents and other Key Stage 2 children.

As well as telling Fabiano's story, they asked parents to donate to CAFOD's work, in addition to making contributions to the local food bank.

In addition to these series of workshops, Peter also organised a 'Zero Hero' assembly for all of Key Stage 2, who pledged to make changes in their lives to live more sustainably.

Deborah Purfield, CAFOD's representative in Luton, said: "Volunteers make a massive difference to our work, helping to spread the word and help people to act. I would like to say a massive thank you to Peter and all the pupils at St. Martin de Porres for the positive changing you are making both in our local and global community."

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