Book: Dipping Into Advent

  • Fr John Buckley

Dipping Into Advent by Fr Alan Hilliard - Messenger Publications

" Even when someone's life appears completely wrecked, even when we see it devastated by vices and addictions, God is present there." (Gaudete et Exultate) Pope Francis.

Fr Alan concludes his stunningly beautiful reflections with the above quotation which mirrors all his meditation on the Incarnation of the Word. What makes his 'hashtag Odyssey' so authentic is because of it's empathy. He communicates with out of his own life experience. A life that is one of love, of pain, of joy and sorrow, of encounters with fellow humans that are enriching and fulfilling. It is such empathy that Pope Francis is drawing our attention to in the above quotation.

You see it is God's empathy that we encounter in Christ. It is that Love that is present to us in the living out of our daily lives. Fr Alan gives us a variety of other writers and thinkers that bring us wisdom and insight into the human condition that enlighten and enrich our own experience. This ' hashtag Odyssey ' will resonate with you own journey and with a beautiful colourful presentation that accompanies it bring the wonder of God's world to your immediate attention. And there is much humour too; such as the reflection on ' hashtag Tangmalangmaloo '. After all God-who's real name is Infinite Love - and we know that from His Incarnate Son- has a sense of fun.

If I might use an analogy that does Fr. Alan justice- it is that I see 'The Incarnation of the Word ' as one eternal Hug.. Our God is a Hugging God. I do hope that Fr Allan will write much more in the future.

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