Basingstoke teacher training helps create global links

  • Eloise Hobbs

Trying out the new CAFOD resources at Bishop Challoner School

Trying out the new CAFOD resources at Bishop Challoner School

A new programme that is championing the teaching of global issues throughout the curriculum and across continents has inspired the teachers of Basingstoke who are urging others to get involved.

Teachers at Bishop Challoner School in Basingstoke recently attended a special training day, run by development charity CAFOD, and supported by the British Council, to better understand how to integrate global issues into the curriculum and life of the school.

The course, called Everything is connected: Enrich school life through global learning, was designed to help create links between schools around the world and was a great success, with many teachers calling on others schools to take part.

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Religious Education at Bishop Challoner School, Ms Cripps, said: "The central phrase, 'everything is connected,' has not just been ringing in my ears since our training session but ringing true in so many situations I see.

"The CAFOD session re-ignited our sense of mission as teachers, as a school and people of faith, to have hope in our ability to transform this world for the better and inspire the next generation to do the same."

The courses, which are running across the country, were designed to help schools reflect on global justice issues, like climate change and peacebuilding, through the Sustainable Development Goals.

They provide practical tools and strategies to help teachers weave these into teaching practice.

CAFOD's new free CPD is an opportunity to inspire the Catholic life of the school and put faith into action through embedding global learning into Catholic schools in the UK.

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