Prayerbook for prisoners launched

Fr Paul Douthwaite

Fr Paul Douthwaite

The Catholic Truth Society launched a prayer book for prisoners at the National Roman Catholic Prison Chaplains Training Conference yesterday.

In a statement, the publishers said: "Supporting prisoners is a key part of our mission to evangelise and the CTS are constantly being asked by prisoners for materials that will help them to learn how to pray or discover more about their faith.

We are delighted to have collaborated with Fr Paul Douthwaite, National Catholic Chaplain for Prisons to publish A Simple Prayer Book for Prisoners, a special edition of our longest-standing and most popular title, the CTS 'Simple Prayer Book'.

It has been specially adapted for prisoners and those in Young Offender Institutions and has been distributed for free to chaplains around the UK thanks to a very generous donation.

"The lasting impact of prison ministry comes from the personal presence and care of the clerical, religious and lay chaplains who accompany and support those serving sentences. This prayer book is intended as a very practical and simple way for those chaplains to support their work and the response from prison chaplains has been tremendous."

Fr Paul Douthwaite said: "When someone asks the question 'how do I pray?' there is neither a quick nor a simple answer. The Prison Chaplain is often asked this question in the most extreme of situations, at times of crisis, and when the prisoner is looking for spiritual strength and guidance. This edition of A Simple Prayer Book for Prisoners gives the Prison Chaplain a collection of accessible prayers that can enable and guide those who seek to embark upon or deepen their relationship with God. It is a resource we have been hoping for, for some time."

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