Northern Ireland: Thousands protest against Westminster plan to impose abortion law

Source: David Alton/ICN

Thousands of people staged a silent demonstration at Stormont Parliament Buildings last night. Organised by NI Voiceless, an anti-abortion group set up to oppose legislation passed by the UK parliament, which will permit abortion in Northern Ireland, they stood in silence holding candles, to represent the six counties of Northern Ireland. DUP leader Arlene Foster and UUP leader Robin Swann were among the crowds.

David Alton writes in his blog: "No doubt there will be the usual news blackout which occurs when the "right" to take the life of a baby in the womb is challenged.

"A vast crowd, united from across Northern Ireland's communities, gathered tonight at Stormont to defy the Westminster Parliament - who, in the absence of the Northern Ireland Assembly, have passed a law to impose abortion on Northern Ireland.

"As the protesters know, the law can still be stopped if the Assembly meets before October 21st....

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