Plater Trust invites bids for grants

The Charles Plater Trust is inviting bids for grants. Grant awards will be made for social justice projects which address one of the following themes:

Social Action

Grants for this theme need to demonstrate how the applicant's project will deliver tangible outcomes to tackle poverty, exclusion, economic inequality or environmental concerns through education or training activities.

Laity Leadership

Proposals for grant aid should be aimed at deepening the awareness of Catholic Social Teaching and Thought to better equip people to take on leadership roles in tackling poverty, exclusion, economic inequality, or environmental concerns.

Applied Research

Grants will be awarded to projects which seek to develop and apply Catholic Social Teaching and Thought, in partnership with those who are working in and delivering social action work, with a view to ultimately improving practice and public policy.

Grants (typically between £30,000 & £50,000) are offered to appropriate organisations in England and Wales for projects that actively engage with one of these themes. Funding will be for a maximum period of two years. Completed applications must be received by 5pm on Thursday 3rd October 2019.

The Trust will judge bids on how they will empower people who have suffered disadvantages which have limited their ability to get the best out of the education system, build their own self-esteem and make a meaningful contribution to contemporary society.

The Plater Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to advancing the work of Father Charles Plater by developing social justice through education. Established as the successor to the former Plater College, Oxford, the Trust makes grants to organisations throughout England and Wales in pursuit of the Plater vision, bringing education and opportunity to the most marginalised, or developing innovative new applications of Catholic Social Thought.

Further information can be found on the Plater Trust website at:

Contact for enquiries: Kevin Ambrose on [email protected] or on 01923 243856

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