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  • Frances Gallagher

Laudato Si - Caring For Our Common Home

For Justice and Peace Scotland, the publication last year of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on the environment was a watershed moment.

The report established that we have just 11 years to drastically reduce carbon emissions currently damaging our precious planet. If we don't, by the year 2030 we face catastrophic and irreversible climate change with all its devastating realities: food shortages, water shortages and even shortage of the very air we need to breath.

Time is running out.

Justice and Peace Scotland determined that 2019, our 40th anniversary year, would be spent campaigning for the environment. And a key event as we come to the end of that anniversary year is our Laudato Si day of reflection.

On Saturday 21st September 2019, we hope that the Blythswood Hall in Renfield St Stephen's Church, Bath Street, Glasgow, will be packed with people looking to join the campaign to save our common home.

For us, there was no better place to start than with Pope Francis' Laudato Si encyclical, which reaches across all barriers of religion and culture. It is acknowledged worldwide as a ground-breaking document pointing the way to a safer, more just and sustainable future for everyone.

Dr Lorna Gold, a keynote speaker at the conference, is the author of the crucial publication 'Climate Generation'. She is vice chair of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, and also works in Ireland for Trocaire, SCIAF's Irish sister organisation.

She has two young sons, and her greatest concern is for their safety, their future, and the future of the next generation. That's why her life's work is to awaken the world to the reality of the climate crisis.

To hear her, and our other expert speakers, book your place at the Laudato Si conference, by clicking on the link to Eventbrite on our home page

or call 0141 333 0238 Monday - Thursday.

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