Letter: Fox News must stop attacking Lutherans

Source: Faithful America

Here's something to be grateful for: The country's largest Lutheran denomination just became the first US denomination to declare itself a 'sanctuary church body'!

The bad news is, they're already under attack from Fox News and the religious right.

On August 8, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America took a bold stance in response to President Trump's inhumane border policies. Not only did the ELCA declare its support for migrants and refugees, hundreds of leaders marched on an ICE office for a prayer vigil.

This is truly the Gospel in action -- but the religious right wasted no time in pouncing. Appearing on Fox News, Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress (a top Trump adviser) accused the ELCA of "breaking the law." He even twisted Scripture into the dangerous nationalist claim that "to resist government is to resist God himself."

We can't let Donald Trump's favorite pastors scare pro-immigrant churches into submission. Let's show that Christians welcome the stranger and love our neighbors, and that we want the media to stop distorting our faith.

Add your name: Fox News must stop twisting Scripture to attack pro-immigrant Lutherans

Thanks for everything you do to love your neighbour.

Rev Nathan and the Faithful America team

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