Reflection on Feast of Transfiguration with Fr Robin Gibbons

August 6th 2019

There is a high mountain we all must climb with Jesus , one where darkness is banished and brilliant light surrounds the three disciples with Jesus. Here we too rest, struggling with another conundrum, but it is one where an answer is given us. Jesus is seen as he truly is, the mystery of God is caught and glimpsed. Peter grapples with what he sees and is inadequate in his response for he is filled with fear, not trauma, but in mystery and wonder of the unknown God .

That to me is what the Transfiguration is about, the glimpse of God's love revealed in Christ, found also in those times in our life, when we, alone and unexpectedly, discover the unbidden guest of our hearts transfiguring our lives, lightening our pain and doubt, consoling us even if only a moment.

This is part of our spiritual journey, moments when we rest on our mountain with God, before returning to the valleys of ordinary life.

In a sense the contrast between the two stories gives me hope, Abrahams faith is realized in Jesus, the transfiguration is a glimpse of what I too will be!

Verses from the Lent entry Chant sung in Notre Dame de Paris.

Transfiguré sur le Thabor, tu montres ta gloire.

Élie et Moïse apparaissent, parlant du Calvaire.

Tu prépares nos coeurs à discerner dans la passion

La splendeur du Verbe !

Transfigured on Tabor, you show us your glory.

Elijah and Moses appear, speaking of Calvary.

You prepare our hearts to discern in your passion

The splendour of the Word!

La voix du ciel a retenti : tu es Fils du Père.

Tu es celui qu'il a choisi, bien avant les siècles.

Nous devons t'écouter, ouvrir l'oreille à ta parole :

Parle à tous nos frères !

The voice of heaven has sounded: you are the Son of the Father.

You are the one God chose, before all the ages.

We must listen to you, open our ears to your word:

Speak to all our sisters and brothers !

Chant from Notre Dame de Paris ( Usually part of the entry Chant in Lent with different verses)

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