South Asia: Millions displaced as monsoons cause extreme flooding

Caritas Bangladesh bring emergency aid

Caritas Bangladesh bring emergency aid

Source: CAFOD

Millions of people have been displaced, as monsoon rains cause extreme flooding and devastation in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The most vulnerable have been hit the hardest. Children are particularly affected, with widespread damage and closure to primary schools.

Janet Symes CAFOD's Head of Asia said: "Heavy monsoon rains across India, Nepal and Bangladesh have caused disastrous floods, affecting millions of lives. These heavy rains have led to landslides and extreme flooding, leaving communities cut off, and facing food and clean water shortages, as well as threats from waterborne diseases.

"Our local aid experts responding to the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh are assessing the impact of flooding across the country, including in the Rohingya camp where thousands of refugees have been affected."

Pintu Gomes, in charge of Caritas Bangladesh's - Emergency Response Programme, said: "We are using emergency shelter stocks in the camps to help people repair their damaged homes, we will also be distributing tarpaulin and other equipment in the coming days."

"Climate scientists have been warning for years that the changing climate will lead to more frequent and more extreme weather events. The flooding in South Asia should be a wake-up call that forces governments with high levels of life-changing carbon emissions to reduce these."

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