US Bishops stand in solidarity with Mexican Church over Trump migrant ban

Bishop Joe Vasquez

Bishop Joe Vasquez

Bishop Joe S Vásquez of Austin, Chairman of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Committee on Migration has issued a statement in support of Catholic Bishops of Mexico who have expressed concern regarding a recent agreement between Mexico and the United States which will restrict the flow of migrants at the US/Mexico Border.

On June 10, the Catholic Bishops of Mexico stated: "We express our concern for the lack of a truly humanitarian reception for our brother migrants, which reflects our conviction regarding the protection of the rights of all human beings equally."

The bishops further stated, "Our brother migrants must not be a bargaining chip. No negotiations should be placed above what the church and civil society have defended for years: not criminalising migrants nor the defenders of human rights."

Bishop Joe Vásquez responded with the following statement of support: "We stand in solidarity with our brother bishops in Mexico. We implore the Administration not to confuse economic issues with the humanitarian issues of forced migration. Families fleeing violence, persecution and extreme poverty must be treated with love and compassion and not be used as a tool for negotiations.

As always, we recognise the right of a nation to secure its borders. However, the Gospel teaches us to love our neighbour. This is the imperative we must follow in treating our migrant brothers and sisters with compassion and dignity. We should be working with the governments of the Northern Triangle and the Mexican Government to eradicate violence and improve the local economies from which families are being forced to migrate."

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