Flame 2019 - biggest-ever UK Catholic youth event

Flame - the biggest-ever Catholic youth event in England and Wales is back. More than 9,000 young Catholics will be attending FLAME 2019 in Wembley SSE Arena this Saturday, 2nd March.

The theme this year is: #Significance. Through drama, song and worship the Gospel scene of the road to Emmaus will be brought to life to show the significance there for our lives. Christ accompanied those down-trodden, depressed men who thought they had lost everything, especially He whom they loved so much. He walked with them on the way and shared their experience. As he spoke, their eyes were opened and they understood the significance of all that had happened. This led to them joyfully returning to that which they had been running away from, and the adventure of Christian living began.

Special Guests include: Archbishop Eamonn Martin, Primate of All Ireland, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, American Pastor Robert Madu, Worship-Leader Tim Hughes, Rapper Guvna B, DJ Candice McKenzie and the Rise Theatre will lead young people from every diocese in England & Wales on the journey through the day.

The theme of this year's conference is 'significance'. According to CYMFed: "We are in a world where it's easy to feel constrained to measure self-esteem in Twitter and Instagram 'likes', responses to Facebook status updates and Snapchat conversations. We hope that Flame 2019 offers a fresh depth of perspective for young people."

Over the years, the Catenians have been instrumental in supporting Flame and raising money for the event. Father Dermott Donnelly, chair of CYMFed and part of the team responsible for Flame, said: "We've been very fortunate to build up a great relationship with Catenians. We wouldn't be able to put Flame on if it wasn't for them and their generosity. There's that great saying, you've got the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of age. I think that can be celebrated at Flame."

Past Grand President David Rowley who represents the Catenians on the board of CYMfed said: "Our work with Flame is part of a long tradition of supporting young people. Flame is a fantastic event and I am delighted the Catenian Bursary fund are taking part on the main stage which will offer so many opportunities for young people to make a difference."

Read more about the Catenians here: www.thecatenians.com

To book tickets and for more information, see: https://cymfed.org.uk/flame2019/

WATCH videos from Flame 2017:

Flame 2017 - 10,000 Reasons to Hope https://youtu.be/MvQqLqLw1N0

A Columban Interview with Cardinal Bo of Myanmar www.youtube.com/watch?v=U57RioxOWGk

Columbans UK youtube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCSAi8hcQkSBfQEMBDuwzGPg

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