Holy Land: Rabbi reflects on 25th anniversary of Tomb of the Patriarchs Massacre

Source: RHR

Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman, president of Rabbis for Human Rights, reflects today on the 25th anniversary of the horrific murder of 29 Muslims praying at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, by a radical Jewish extremist.

Describing the killing as a 'perversion of Judaism' Rabbi Weiman-Kelman expresses concern that the date coincides with today's current events in which the Prime Minister has "welcomed into the political arena" the "toxic, vicious voice" of Meir Kahane, whose party is now part of the coalition with what was once the National Religious Party, with a promise that they will have a prominent place in Netanyahu's future government.

"So instead of the voice of religious fanaticism being pushed more to the periphery we're pained that is being brought more into the mainstream - which of course makes the work of Rabbis for Human Rights more important than ever - to bring a different voice to Israeli public. A voice that is committed to a Judaism that is based on coexistence, peace, co-operation and listening to each other. The Prophet Isaiah teaches (words in Hebrew here) Zion will be redeemed through Justice, through Righteousness. Help us to create a Zion based on Justice and Righteousness.

Watch Rabbi Weiman-Kelman here: https://rhr.org.il/eng/2019/02/rabbi-levi-weiman-kelman-on-25-years-since-the-tomb-of-the-patriarchs-massacre/

To read more about Rabbis for Human Rights or to make a donation to their work, see: https://rhr.org.il/eng/

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