Letter: Appeal for support for Ziada family

Saad Ziada standing on ruins of his home where 6 family members from 3 generations were killed

Saad Ziada standing on ruins of his home where 6 family members from 3 generations were killed

Dear Friends,

We recently started a fundraising campaign in support of the Ziada family from Gaza in Palestine who are taking legal action against the Israeli military in a Dutch court for war crimes. The Campaign is a single-issue group of concerned citizens who have come together with the specific aim of raising funds to support the Ziada family in their quest for justice. I am enclosing a briefing document which will give you the whole story. You can also read more on the website at https://palestinejusticecampaign.wordpress.com and you will find us on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

The case being taken by the Ziadas has a real chance of a providing a major breakthrough and the establishment of a legal precedent that will benefit other Palestinians and hopefully prevent further Israeli war crimes. It is important to stress that the case is not being taken for personal gain. Should the case be successful, any compensation received will be dedicated to a specially established fund for Palestinian war crime victims in general and children in particular.

A court hearing is expected to be scheduled in the second quarter of 2019 which will be the first time the court will actually consider the issues. Should the outcome be positive it is now expected the Israeli military defendants will pursue the case up to the Dutch Supreme Court which can take several years and significant financial resources. It is an expensive process and we badly need financial support. We would appreciate any kind of support you might be able to mobilize. Every donation large or small helps the Ziada family struggle for justice for the Palestinian people. We have no shortage of people supporting the case but first and foremost we need financial support. All donations are very welcome - small or large.

So far it mostly concerned individuals contributing what they can afford. Now we are trying to broaden the scope of the crowdfunder. We are absolutely open to suggestions as to other people or organizations we can approach for donations. We would be responsible for all follow up and approaches to be made. If you could just point us in the right direction we would take it from there.

Hoping to hear from you soon - time is of the essence here.

Best wishes,

Eddie Whyte
on behalf of the Palestine Justice Campaign

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