Has the world turned its back on the Palestinian people?

Letter re: ICN 29 January 2019 WCC pulls Ecumenical Accompaniers from Hebron due to security concerns

What a tragedy in every way! Anyone who has visited Hebron will know what a travesty of justice and of international law and Geneva Conventions exists there already!

As it says in this announcement from the WCC,

'The non-renewal of this mandate and the intensified harassment of WCC's programme and other NGO presences threatens to eliminate any international monitoring and protective presence from one of the most volatile situations in the occupied Palestinian territories, at a time when the vision of a secure and sustainable peace in the region seems more remote than ever.'

Has the world totally turned its back on the Palestinian people in favour of a powerful, bullying oppressor, aided and abetted by so many supporting countries in need of security and defence systems and scared of being labelled "anti-semitic", when the Palestinians themselves are among the original "Semitic" tribes!

Prayerfully, and still desperately in hope,

Penny Leigh-Brown

Tags: Holy Land, Hebron, WCC

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