Letter: Democracy is a GIFT, let's not lose it

Re: ICN 13 December 1018 Church voices concern over Settlement Scheme for EU citizens

I was delighted to read that Bishop Paul (who is based in Hertfordshire) said quite a lot in relation to the EU settled status scheme. It is good to know that the Church is aware that a number of people will have to go through this process.

In 1998, I started my History Degree at the Catholic University of Lublin. I completed my Masters in 2003. During my studies, I had an amazing opportunity to learn a lot about the history of other countries and nations. I always 'envied' UK. Your democracy has such a long and rich tradition. It was established many centuries ago and I always felt that some of the countries, including my native Poland, will never properly 'catch up'. The 'maturity' of politicians in Britain and quality of the political debate has always fascinated me. Who would have said that I, as well as many other EU nationals, will have an opportunity and privilege, under the freedom of movement, to live and work here.

Recent, rather politically turbulent and unpredictable times, the failure of politicians to act with respect and dignity reminds me of times back home when the 'language of violence of division' was a norm. Here in the UK, we sometimes 'laughed' at the Polish, Hungarian or Italian Parliaments. We think that we know better however it seems today that we too have still a lot to learn. I hope that this is not the end of the 'British democracy', If it is, I hope that we will all start recognizing that it is not only our right but responsibility to behave in 'civilized manner' before the fighting, constant accusations, shouting, booing will escalate further.

Democracy is a GIFT, let's not lose it but cherish and embrace it with all our hearts and minds.

Michal Siewniak


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