Holy Land: Muslim leader denounces Israeli army occupation of Church land

Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Husayn

Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Husayn

Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Husayn, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem has publicly denounced the recent occupation of land belonging to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, by the Israeli army describing it as an act of aggression aimed to increase the occupation of Palestinian territory by Israeli settlers. The Grand Mufti urged world political leaders to intervene to stop the "policy of the accomplished fact" which continues in the Holy Land despite various international resolutions.

A total 60 acres (or 25 hectares) of land belonging to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem have been occupied by the Israeli army and transformed into a military garrison. The occupied land, includes the villages of Tayasir and Bardala, in the northern area of the Jordan Valley. Palestinian associations and media describe the act as a violation of international law. The confiscated land is close to a pre-existing Israeli military camp recently restructured with permanent buildings.

On Wednesday 28 November also the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem issued a statement protesting the appropriation of the lands by the Israeli army.

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