Philippines: 'Suffering Behind Every Door'

Stephen A Clark, writes from Malate, Manila:

Dear Editor,

We visited some friends in a town where a recent typhoon gave rise to extensive landslides on the mountain roads and many deaths as a result. The biggest loss was when 30+ people ran into a five story concrete government building, ironically for safety, and the whole mountainside slid off, destroying the structure and bringing it down on top of them. The townsfolk were in shock and many in mourning.

Where nature's fury had done its worst, the gentle hand of God was there in its wake. Only a few days had passed and most of the townsfolk were involved in helping to find the dead and cleaning up the town. The men dug, the women brought them food and water. There were Novena prayers in the homes of the dead in the evenings attended by many; and there was no recrimination; there was worship and praise, thanksgiving and prayers for mercy for their loved ones. As they pulled together in necessity, the mercy of God soothed the weariness of their hearts.

It is a praying community, used to clinging to God in good times and bad and this is their anchor and strength.

It was quite a privilege to be present to witness this.

Yours sincerely

Stephen A Clark

Malate, Manila

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