Westminster J&P support Christian leaders call for Israel to rescind new Nation State Law.

Re: ICN 4 November 2018 Holy Land: Christian leaders ask Israel to rescind new Nation State Law.

Having studied the statement made by the assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (see below), we, the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission, would wish to support this statement.

The spirit of dialogue, as mentioned, is so vital in any negotiation of a peaceful resolution. The Ordinaries tried to distinguish the concept of being 'Jewish' and 'Democratic'. This needs to be recognised and explored much more, as the original vision when the promulgation of the Declaration of Independence in May 1948 took place, the interpretation has changed considerably.

The 1992 Israeli Knesset promulgation of the Basic Law seemed promising, but as in the Balfour agreement, was reneged on.

In the year 2018 the Basic Law in essence promoted the development of Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. This has been against many human rights laws which have been blatantly broken and ignored without any reprimands.

We as a Commission for Justice and Peace echo the request that the Basic Law be rescinded, to allow for the well-being of all the citizens in the State of Israel.

Fr Joe Ryan

Chair of Westminster Justice and Peace Commission.

[email protected]

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