Pope Francis: ' A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite'

Source: Vatican Media

Pope Francis received a delegation from representatives of the World Congress of Mountain Jews on Monday. This is the first time that a delegation from this community, which dates back to the 5th Century, has come to meet a Pope.

Mountain Jews were descended from the Persian Jews, who came from modern day Iran. They were known to be great warriors and horsemen in the past. They lived in mountainous communities near the Caspian Sea for many centuries but, after the fall of the Soviet Union, are now spread across many regions, with the largest communities living in Russia and Azerbaijan.

The Pope began by recalling his most recent meeting with a Jewish community during his visit to Lithuania in September. That visit commemorated the 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Jewish ghetto in the Lithuanian capital city, Vilnius.

Pope Francis pointed out that a number of other Holocaust related anniversaries are fast approaching. He mentioned the anniversaries of the raid on the Jewish ghetto in Rome and the Kristallnacht in Germany on 9-10 November 1938 when Nazis began the pogrom against the Jewish community throughout the country, smashing windows in shops, offices and synagogues.

"The attempt to replace the God of goodness with the idolatry of power and the ideology of hatred ended in the folly of exterminating human beings. Consequently, religious freedom is a supreme good to be safeguarded, a fundamental human right and a bulwark against the claims of totalitarianism" the Holy Father said.

About one and a half thousand Mountain Jews, mostly from Crimea were killed during the Holocaust. Most of the community was not affected by the Holocaust, partly because Nazi forces did not reach their territories and partly because the Nazis considered them to be religious Jews, rather than racial Jews, who were a higher priority target for the Nazi regime.

The Pope went on to note that there are still anti-Semitic attitudes in society today: "As I have often repeated, a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community."

Quoting from the prophet Isaiah, Pope Francis called on all religions to help the world "Turn spears into pruning hooks" so that communities may experience a period of patient reconciliation.

He ended his speech with a traditional Hebrew blessing: Shalom Aleichem!

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