Birmingham to host European Christian Worker Conference

Sixty worker representatives, from the European Christian Workers' Movement (ECWM) from twelve countries, will be gathering at the Hillscourt Conference Centre in the Lickey Hills from the 18th to 21st October. They represent thousands of Christian worker activists from movements across Europe. The English Movement of Christian Workers, which has its headquarters in Birmingham, will be this year's host.

The Conference will explore the impact of the new digital economy under the theme of: 'Digital Work - working anytime, anywhere - the impact on workers, their families and society'. The keynote speaker is Tom Watson MP who will be talking about work, with particular reference to the Independent Commissions' report, 'The Future of Work'. Gabriele Kienesberger, a theologian from Austria, will address the issues raised in the light of Gospel values.

There will be a series of workshops starting from the participants own experiences of the impact of digitalisation on their work, their families and their countries.

Those attending will also have the opportunity to engage with the history of working life here in Birmingham by means of a guided walking tour along some of the canals in the City centre ending with traditional pub fare.

Read more about the European Christian Workers' Movement here:

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