COMECE launches road safety campaign

Source: COMECE

On the occasion of the European Day Without A Road Death yesterday, Europe's Catholic bishops launched a video campaign promoting responsibility on the road in order to reduce the number of accidents in the EU.

More than 30,000 people lost their lives on European roads in 2017. Another estimated 100,000 people were seriously injured. These numbers tend to repeat every year, transforming our roads in battle fields and affecting not only the victims, but also their families, communities and the society as a whole.

As Pope Francis recalled: "the low level of responsibility on the part of many drivers, who often do not even realize the serious consequences of their negligence […] is caused by haste and competitiveness as a way of life, which makes other drivers appear to be obstacles or opponents to be overcome".

Most of the accidents are caused by speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using the phone while driving and non-use of seatbelts and helmets.

To tackle this phenomena, the European Commission adopted a Road Safety Programme aiming to cut road deaths in Europe by improving vehicle safety, the safety of infrastructure and road users' behavior.

COMECE welcomes the EU Programme, supports the initiative of establishing a European Day without a Road Death (EDWARD) and advocates for more education, giving greater awareness of our responsibilities for those travelling alongside us. From today, COMECE bishops will launch video messages in several languages inviting their fellow nationals to respect traffic rules.

Roads are shared places of our society. Each one of us, drivers, bikers and pedestrians are invited to reflect on our behaviours and attitudes on the road. Responsibility, attention, solidarity and respect are essential to protect lives.

Watch the video here:

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