Letter re Turkana Summer Youth Camp

Dear ICN,

As a supporter and volunteer and New Ways I read the article on 4 September (Letter from Turkana: Summer Youth Camp at Muketuri) www.indcatholicnews.com/news/35573 with great interest.

I have been fortunate to meet Lourdes Larruy and several of her Missionary Community of St Paul the Apostle (MCSPA) colleagues over a number of years while attending fundraising events in London. With New Ways as the source of significant funding of MCSPA projects for 25 years it is terrific to see how the communities it supports have developed to the point where the St Joseph Youth Group can emerge. With its primary aim of creating awareness among Ethiopian youth about their potential in volunteer work as promoters of change among children, youth and families of the area, it demonstrates perhaps the next natural step in helping communities to become self-sustaining and to avoid conflict, by encouraging volunteerism from within.

The diversity of topics covered is also striking - from gender discrimination, conflict resolution, and including, through to recycling and the environment - so-callede First World issues being tackled in parts of the world assumed to be preoccupied with more fundamental life and death challenges. For the young people to then take these messages back to their communities, and through the medium of drama to increase awareness of social issues and help develop local solutions is just a wonderful initiative. It certainly encourages my continued support of New Ways and its fundraising efforts in this Jubilee year.

As an author, pledging 5 per cent of my annual royalties to New Ways, I am also helping to develop its presence on Twitter, and would welcome all new followers here: https://twitter.com/newways_org_uk

Thank you!

Steven Hayward

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