Book: Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss

  • Helen Berry, The Miscarriage Association

Breda Theakston's simple and easy to read book would be a comfort for both those who have experienced baby loss themselves and for those caring for them. The book is written with great warmth, compassion and empathy. Even though the author has personal experience of baby loss, she does not presume that all will feel and grieve as she did and acknowledges that she writes this book from a very different place than she was at the time of her losses.

The book is neatly divided into chapters giving the option of dipping in and out rather than having to read it in any particular order.

Chapters 1, 2 & 3 are both practical and supportive, acknowledging and validating feelings of loss and grief whilst alongside offering gentle suggestions for marking loss and remembering and supporting those who grieve to do so.

Chapter 4 could be considered a difficult read when feelings are very raw or for those who do not have a particular faith or belief system. However, the author does acknowledge this.

Chapter 5 includes personal stories of different types of loss including the authors own. These are moving and emotive and help to bring together many of the themes already talked of in the book.

Chapter 6 doesn't actually contain any prayers or blessings but does give references to sources that do if the reader should want to source them.

Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss: caring for yourself and others, by Breda Theakston is published by Redemptorist Publications, £4.95

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