Letter re: DR Congo Bishops issue famine alarm

The central Grand Kasai region is a vast area divided into five provinces, rich in diamonds, but plagued by territorial and political tensions over competing mineral interests.

Why is a country blessed by God with countless natural resources, diamonds, gold, cobalt, etc, etc; dealing with famine?

Territorial and political tensions are caused by those who are desperate to exploit in selfish ways all these blessings - instead of using an approach where everything God has provided is shared, using these to glorify God. The wicked, the liars, dictators and their evil supporters, have turned the blessings of God into a curse - where millions, despite all these wealth are condemned to experience conflict, famine, ebola - miseries after miseries. The trouble of Congo is its wealth.

Clement Gavi

Tags: DR Congo, Clement Gavi, Famine

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