Catholic Women of the Year - 50th Anniversary

The four Catholic Women of the Year marks its Golden Jubilee in 2018. The Catholic Women of the Year for 2018 have been announced. They are:

Dr Rosalind Bearcroft, a doctor who has worked for many years, first in general medicine and then in psychiatry, serving as registrar and consultant at major London hospitals. She became a Catholic while still a student, and her family immediately withdrew all financial support: her tutor responded by saying that all fees would be covered and she could pay them back after qualifying. Dr Bearcroft has campaigned against euthanasia and abortion, working with the "Care not Killing" group, and was a founder member of the Association of Catholic Women and has remained active with the group even now in her 90s.

Alison Concannon-Kennedy, whose work in church music began when she began to play the organ in her local parish at the age of fourteen. She leads a popular children's choir and music group, and has introduced many young people to the joy of singing together. For the past 16 years Alison has been parish secretary at St Joseph's, Leicester while also running her own small Watermead Apostolate publishing Christian music, books, and cards, and composing a number of fine hymns.

Mary Maxwell, co-ordinator of volunteers at Westminster Cathedral, who organises some 250 people in tasks ranging from marriage and baptism registers to serving teas or running the Cathedral magazine. She always emphasises that volunteers are the "face" of the Cathedral, communicating love and friendliness to visitors who may never have had contact with a church before. Mary is also active with the Catholic Union and is secretary to the Association of Papal Orders, co-ordinating events and keeping members in touch with one another.

Clare McCullough, founder and director of the Good Counsel Network, offering free practical help to women facing difficult pregnancies. Organising silent vigils outside abortion clinics, her aim has been to offer a genuine alternative and she has insisted that women should be allowed to know that such care and help is available. She has defended free speech in the abortion debate and backed this with years of dedicated care for women and their babies.

The Golden Jubilee Catholic Women of the Year Luncheon will be held on Friday November 9th 2018 at the Amba Hotel, Marble Arch. Proceeds will, as always, go to Catholic charities. Tickets (£50) are available from:CWOY 8 Duloe Road, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 8FQ. Telephone 07721 857 810 Email [email protected]

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