London: High Court buffer zone vigil challenge

Stuart McCullough from the Good Counsel Network, writes: 'Today Alina, one of the Mothers helped by a Good Counsel Pro Life vigil, is taking Ealing Council to the High Court, regarding their 'Buffer Zone' (PSPO) around the abortion centre in Ealing. As well as being helped by a vigil, Alina has since then spent many hours helping, and praying, at vigils herself.

'To hear Alina's speech at this year's March for Life in Parliament Square see:

'Please pray for Alina's High Court challenge and for the abortion centre in Ealing to close down. The Buffer Zone at Ealing means that we cannot offer help or support to the women outside the abortion centre. We are not even allowed to pray about abortion there. If Alina's court case fails, this could soon be the case outside every UK abortion centre.

Areas legalising abortion, such as the Isle of Man and Ireland, after the tragic referendum decision, have proposed putting Buffer Zones straight into their legislation. Please say one Our Father, three Hail Mary's and the prayer to St Michael for Ealing abortion centre to close. If you would like a copy of the prayercard we have with these prayers, and a photograph of the plaque of St Michael on the abortion centre wall, please send us your postal address.

'There will be a sung, Old Rite Mass offered for the Good Counsel Network on the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Friday 8th June, at 6.30pm in Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NB; you are welcome to attend.'

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