South Sudan: More than 200 child soldiers released

Source: Fides

More than two hundred child soldiers (including 95 girls) were released to the community on 28, April, in Yambio Gbudue State.

This is the second group to be freed in Gbudue State. About 300 children including 75 girls were released in Yambio in February 2018.

"Some of the released children said they were engaged in various criminal activities while in the bush. The little ones were kidnapped at schools and promised to be given huge ransom of money but were not even paid", said Catholic Radio Network (CRN).

The governor of the state of Gbudue, Daniel Badagbu Rimbasa has pledged to work diligently to bring peace and stability to the State and South Sudan at large, to create a conducive learning environment for children.

A note from the Catholic Bishops of East African Nations (AMECEA) states: "Rimbasa has appealed to all those who still hold arms so that they join the government for peace, development and stability."

Meanwhile, Acting Chairperson of South Sudan Disarmament Demobilization and Re-integration commission, Claude Obwaha Akasha, stressed that "children are supposed to go to school but not to be turned into soldiers."

Akasha also revealed that the released child soldiers have been screened for various diseases, given educational materials and will be engaged in some vocational training.

According to the UN children's agency, there are about 19,000 children who are believed to be associated with various armed groups across the country.

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