UK: Don't bomb Syria protests today

Rally in London on Friday

Rally in London on Friday

By: Jo Siedlecka

Peace rallies are planned across the UK today (Monday, 16 April) to urge the UK government not to take any further military action against Syria.

In London, Bruce Kent, CND Vice President, musician Brian Eno, Stop the War President Lindsey German, Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP and Francesca Martinez actress, will be among the speakers at a demonstration in Parliament Square, starting at 5.30pm.

For information about protests around the country see:

Hundreds of peace campaigners attended a rally at Downing Street on Friday evening as MP Emma Dent Coad handed in a letter urging Theresa May not to take military action in Syria. Chemical weapons inspectors had just arrived in Syria and were about to begin their inveistigations - but a few hours later more than 100 air attacks were carried out by British, US and French forces on alleged chemical weapon sites in Syria.

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