Letter: Can parishes have suggestion boxes?

Dear Editor,

It's such a pity that Pope Francis' call for consultation between the bishops, clergy and the laity is simply being ignored. Saint Pope John XXIII's Second Vatican Council also called for consultation, but these days Parish Councils are rare.

One simple, cheap, efficient and effective way for the clergy to consult with the faithful is for 'suggestion boxes' to be put up in every church. Their presence can be publicised in the Sunday Newsletter, and their use promoted by the priest. This would generate a feeling of inclusion and of being appreciated among the faithful. It is important I think that anonymity be allowed, because people may feel that their concern / suggestion is petty or embarrassing.

May I urge your readers to ask their parish priest to set up a suggestion box in their church? My attempts have so far been unsuccessful, but I will not give up! I'd be grateful to know of any successes:- [email protected]

Virginia Bell, Catholic Action for Animals

Tags: Parish, Consultation, Pope John XXIII, Second Vatican Council

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