A million minutes of silence!

Million Minutes has reached a huge milestone today they have clocked up a million minutes of silence!

Million minutes started in 2011 to give voice and support to young people to change their lives and our world, raising money through sponsored silences

Thanks to a partnership with the Diocese of Brentwood, this Lent they have smashed the million minutes target and are well on the way to our second million.

Million Minutes' Director Danny Curtin said: "I'm delighted that together we've clocked up more than a million minutes of silence! It shows that we're prepared to stand with young people, especially those who don't get heard in today's world."

The last seven years have seen some big new projects, from the Celebrating Young People Awards to the Courtyard detached youth work project.

And the silence continues with siLENT, this year supported by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Delia Smith, Margaret Mizen Bishop Alan Williams and a host of schools and parishes.

Youth-led grassroots projects enabled by the sponsorship are spread across the country - from a children's holiday camp in Basildon to an intercultural programme in Bolton. All of them have young people leading social action on behalf of others.

There's still time to join silent 2018 by sponsoring someone using this link: http://millionminutes.org/silent40

Sponsor anyone staying silent here: http://millionminutes.org/silent40

Interviews with Danny can be arranged by emailing dannyc@millionminutes.org

Parishes can host their own Courtyard project, see courtyardproject.org.uk

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