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Anti-fracking demo

Anti-fracking demo

The latest Lancaster Faith and Justice bulletin welcomes the newly appointed diocesan bishop, Canon Paul Swarbrick. There will be a live broadcast of his ordination on Monday 9 April at 11.30am, which can be accessed at:

The bulletin highlights anti-fracking campaigning by Christians in Lancashire and an article by Sean McDonagh SSC on the severe weather devastating the Philippines as a result of climate change. There is also a draft letter to MPs regarding the lack of accountability and transparency over the deployment of Britain's armed Reaper drones, particularly in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

July's annual national Justice and Peace Network conference is advertised. 'It is in the shelter of each other that the people live' is a conference to explore the meaning of 'home' in the context of being a Church of the poor. It will be the 40th Annual Conference and organised in partnership with Apostleship of the Sea, Church Action on Poverty, Housing Justice, and Prison Advice and Care Trust

A full diary, information and booking forms available at:

The newsletter can be downloaded directly from

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