'Mortar shells rain down on Damascus - please help us!

Source: ATS

"The situation is extremely critical. Only today at least 40 shells rained down on Damascus... Starting from tomorrow we will be forced to stay in our homes, it is really too risky to move around Bab Touma these days". Ayham - ATS pro Terra Sancta

In these days a tragedy of enormous proportions is taking place in Damascus. According to the Human Rights Observatory it is the heaviest loss of civilians in a single day since 2015. For this reason even the UN has recently published an empty sheet to say that "there are no words in front of this tragedy".

Since January 9th, hundreds of mortar shells and missiles fall down on residential areas of the capital every day, especially the old city, causing several deaths and injuries among civilians. Among them, many are women and children.

As Ayham, of the Association pro Terra Sancta in Damascus, writes: "One of the hospitals we work with, the St. Louis hospital, has welcomed more than 94 victims of fighting these days. Among them, 6 are children under 12 and 9 are under 18 ".

Ayham also sent us an exclusive video in which he tells us about the ongoing drama. In the video he says: "We just have to pray for peace in Syria".

It is true. But it is also true that we can help in other several ways. For example by donating a small amount that will provide civilians with medicines, food and emergency medical interventions. This, together with prayer, is a small sign that means a lot amidst this terrible emergency!

To see a film and make a donation click here: www.proterrasancta.org/en/at-least-40-shells-in-damascus-today-hundreds-wounded-updates-from-ayham-ats-pro-terra-sancta-on-the-ongoing-tragedy/

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