Linking Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day and Systemic Change

At first glance, it may seem like quite a stretch to connect Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day and Systemic Change. But hear me out. Actually, it is not that hard. John Freund, CM, writes in Famvin, the Vincentian Family newsletter

In a nutshell …

Lent is about removing the scales from our eyes so we can be more aware of the love God has for us in Easter joy.

Valentine's Day is a day focused on celebrating an awareness of loving and being loved, not unlike celebrating Baptism and Eucharist.

Systemic Change can be viewed as Valentine's Day and Lent on steroids - removing the obstacles that prevent people on the margins from experiencing belonging and positively fostering the awareness of being fully alive.

It all rests on learning to see more deeply… changing lenses. To read on click HERE.

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