Eyewitness: Praying the wall becomes a bridge

Source: EAPPI UK & Ireland

"They took our land, our freedom, our dignity; they occupied us…But I can still pray for them."

Clemence was only two years old when the State of Israel was established in 1948. She tells us that her family was driven out of the city of Jaffa by Jewish forces, becoming refugees in Jordan.

Her father, who was Greek Orthodox, wanted her to be educated in Bethlehem, so he sent her to a Lutheran boarding school there. Later she married a Catholic, led Sunday school in a reform church and taught for many years in the local Lutheran school. 'Ecumenical' would be a good way to describe her.

In 2003, when Israel started building the separation barrier, Checkpoint 300 appeared right next to Clemence's home. Land she owned on the other side of the barrier was confiscated.

For years now, every Friday, she meets with other campaigners to walk a section of the Wall while praying for peace and an end to the occupation.

To read on see: https://eyewitnessblogs.com/2018/02/05/bethelehem-that-the-wall-will-fall-into-a-bridge/

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