Paul Donovan reviews Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Published by Little Brown. This much publicised book offers a personality driven roller coaster ride through the first year of the Trump presidency.

Author Michael Wolff, takes the reader on a white knuckle journey through the series of debacles that have come to characterise Trump's first year as President.

Central though to the account are the different characters and factions, constantly at war with each other amid a dysfunctional administration.

The overiding impression is of a chaotic Whitehouse struggling to serve an unfit for purpose President.

Early on Wolff draws a parallel between the Mel Brooks film the Producers and the Trump election campaign. In the film, everything will work out, just so long as the play being produced flops, so with the Trump campaign, everything would be fine just so long as he lost. Wolff referes to how Trump was using the campaign as a pre-runner to getting better TV exposure. All started to unravel once the candidate triumphed.

The title Fire and Fury refers to what the Trump campaign had planned to release, once they had lost the election to Hilary Clinton. The phrase has of course since been used to describe what Trump would release on North Korea, if the leader of that country continued to taunt him.

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