Easter J&P Pilgrimage for Europe


Barbara Kentish from Westminster Justice and Peace writes: As the Brexit talks seem to meander on, all focus is taken away from the social, peace and climate issues that we might be discussing with our European neighbours. We at Justice and Peace feel we should to maintain and renew our links with our European NGOs, such as CARITAS, Pax Christi and Young Christian Students/Workers, not to mention the Catholic Worker, Emmaus, Sant'Egidio and others.

Catholic Social Tradition has a strong history of leaping borders in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The UK benefited greatly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when many religious congregations immigrated from continental Europe to start schools and hospitals in our crowded inner cities.

In the 1950s and 60s the JEC and JOC arrived from Belgium (Young Christian Students and Young Christian Workers), inspiring the SEE JUDGE ACT formula many of us use today. Emmaus, the housing movement begun by the Abbe Pierre in 1960s France crossed the Channel to inspire Christian responses to our own parallel housing and immigration crisis. Pax Christi, another post-war French initiative, focused on reconciliation between European neighbours after World War II, while Taize, an ecumenical community in Eastern France was inspired simply by the need of French and German Christians to pray together.

Much work needs to go on, to continue this pan-European movement for peace and reconciliation. Justice and Peace begins with this pilgrimage.

The Pilgrimage Details


Calais- EU Borders and Refugees,
Brussels- Trade and Economics
Strasbourg- EU and Human Rights,
Taize- Reconciliation
Assisi- Care for creation
Rome- Inspiration of Pope Francis
Geneva- the UN and Human Rights


Visit some of the key places which symbolise themes of justice and peace in Europe, link up with others who share our concerns and work towards similar solutions. Don't forget that the European Union was originally a peace project and not an economic one. Brexit makes our joint collaboration more challenging, but this is not a reason for abandoning contact. We hope ours will be only one of many groups trying to strengthen or renew links with our fellow European Christians.

Who? Perhaps you?

2nd- 11th April 2018 Travel by Coach Price: £695

Please be aware that commitment includes two preparation days: 24th February and 17th March 2018

Contact [email protected] for application forms or phone 0208 888 4222

Or fill out the form here: https://westminsterjp.wordpress.com/2017/12/18/pilgrimage-for-europe-easter-2018/

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