Pope appeals for nuclear disarmament, action on climate change

In his Angelus address to pilgrims in St Peters Square on Sunday, Pope Francis said he was close to the Indian communities of Tamil Nadu and Kerala States in the wake of Cyclone Okhi, and in particular to the families of the many fisherman who have gone missing since the cyclone swept those coastal areas. More than 500 fisherman are missing and feared dead since the cyclone struck on 29 November 29.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Trivandrum and Tamil Nadu's Kottar Diocese told Vatican Radio they are "very much engaged in the rescue operation and relief work" in collaboration with the state and central governments, and said the emergency has not received the attention of the international and national media.

Pope Francis also mentioned the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weaponsthat were due to be presented with the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. "This recognition takes place in coincidence with UN Day for Human Rights, highlighting the strong tie that exists between human rights and nuclear disarmament".

The Holy Father went on to say that "the commitment towards upholding the dignity of all people, in particular the weakest and most vulnerable, means also working with determination to build a world without nuclear arms."

"God gives us the capacity to collaborate in building our common home: we have freedom, intelligence and the capacity to use technology, to limit our power in the service of peace and true progress" he said.

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